‘There is something to be said,’ the Shah remarked, ‘for the power of the free.’ Around his white form, millions of colours appeared, changing one into the next.

– From my soon-to-release novel for children, The Case of Disappearing Colour 

I’m a journalist and fiction writer, for children and adults. I graduated in English Literature from Sophia College, Mumbai in 1994, and did a diploma course in Social Communications Media from Sophia Polytechnic.

I started my writing career as a journalist with the Times of India, and in 2003, turned to telling stories.

Meanwhile, Upriver, my first novel for adults, was published in May 2008. I co-authored Growing Up in Pandupur with my sister, Adithi Rao. Nabiya, an enchanting picture book story for young children, was released in 2013. It is available in eight languages.

Short stories appeared in several Puffin and Scholastic children’s collections. I teach creative writing to children at ileap and at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai, in summer.

I’ve co-produced an audio book and directed two short documentaries. ‘Alive and Kicking’ explores the state of contemporary puppetry in India. The other is called, ‘Under Her Skin’ and looks at the intimate nature of body art, through a woman getting her seventh tattoo.

I have scripted a 24-min episode of Activist for Al Jazeera online. I also assisted and worked on script and research of a one-hour documentary. This incisive and emotional film, called ‘The Right to Our Home’, decodes the fracas of slum housing in Mumbai.

I wish to write and direct work which is inclusive in nature, whether they’re stories for children or adults… work that captures struggle, courage and generosity.